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Enhancing Operational Excellence: ACFB Implements WAERlinx for Food Banks

Discover how Atlanta Community Foodbank (ACFB) is enhancing operational excellence through the implementation of WAERlinx for Foodbanks in partnership with WAER Systems.

ACFB's Partnership with WAER Systems

acfbAtlanta Community Foodbank (ACFB) has signed a contract with WAER Systems for the implementation of WAERlinx for Foodbanks. This partnership is aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness in serving the community.

ACFB and WAER Systems have conducted extensive sessions to outline the organisation's requirements and ensure that every aspect is comprehensively addressed. This collaborative effort reflects ACFB's commitment to achieving operational excellence.

Onboarding Process and Requirements

The onboarding process for ACFB's implementation of WAERlinx for Foodbanks is currently in flight. Due to the complexity and size of the organisation, Myers Holum is providing support to ensure a smooth transition.

Through these sessions, ACFB's specific requirements and needs are being identified and addressed. This thorough approach will contribute to the successful implementation of the system.

Implementation of WAERlinx and NetSuite

The implementation of WAERlinx for Foodbank and NetSuite will provide Atlanta Community Foodbank with new insights and ways of working that will help them continue to serve their community effectively.

By leveraging these systems, ACFB will have enhanced visibility into their operations, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and optimise their processes. This implementation marks a significant step towards achieving operational excellence.

ACFB's Impact and Reach

Established in 1979, the Atlanta Community Foodbank has been dedicated to serving the metro Atlanta and North Georgia regions. They collaborate closely with nearly 700 community-based nonprofit partners to distribute over 9 million meals monthly.

With such an impressive track record, ACFB ranks 13th among US food banks. Their impact and reach in the community are remarkable, and the implementation of WAERlinx for Foodbanks will further enhance their ability to serve those in need.

Achieving Operational Excellence

Through the implementation of WAERlinx for Foodbanks, Atlanta Community Foodbank aims to achieve operational excellence. This system will enable them to streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and optimise their resource allocation.

By leveraging the power of WAERlinx and NetSuite, ACFB will have access to real-time data and analytics, allowing them to make informed decisions and respond effectively to the evolving needs of their community.