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Product Innovation 

Our Product Innovation Team is leading the advancement of WAER. Focused on the latest technology in the market and customer needs, we collaborate closely to ensure WAERlinx is purpose-built and ahead of the curve. Shaping the future of WAER with innovation and customer-centricity.

Product Management

Our dedicated Product Management team is committed to transforming new ideas into reality. We meticulously validate concepts and collaborate closely with our valued customers to craft, develop, and successfully launch innovative features. By actively involving our customers throughout the process, we guarantee that every product is purpose-built to meet the specific needs of each vertical and customer.


Our delivery team is unwaveringly committed to the advancement of WAERlinx. Developing tailor-made solutions based on customer requirements, the WAER roadmap, and the latest technological advancements. We consistently strive to unlock the full potential of our cutting-edge WMS. 

The WAER Product Management Way

At WAER, we are committed to staying at the forefront of Product Management practices. Our process is constantly adapting with the latest methodologies and insights to ensure a sustainable and successful product development lifecycle. 



Guided by Design Thinking principles, our approach revolves around understanding the needs of our customers and the problems we aim to solve. We achieve this through Customer Focus Groups, conducting Product Surveys, and facilitating personalised One-on-one sessions with our valued customers.

We utilise agile methodologies and visualisation tools to perfect the Features obtained in Concept. Presenting our final Prototype to validate with our customers, guaranteeing that we have captured their essential requirements.

Leveraging Agile practises to develop, test and deploy Features per the scope captured in Initiate. Customers involved in the Concept stage will have a demo of the Feature and early access. Providing the opportunity to further validate and confirm alignment to requirements.

After successfully fulfilling our Focus Group or Customer Specific requirements, we broadened our scope to include all of our WAER clients who can leverage the advantages of the new feature. We aim to share the valuable benefits acquired through engaging and informative webinars and targeted communications.