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Professional Services

Our Professional Services team is committed to guiding you through the seamless integration of WAERlinx, offering comprehensive support in testing, training, and implementation. Your success is their priority, ensuring your experience with WAERlinx is nothing short of exceptional. 


Our training options, much like WAERlinx, are designed to adapt and evolve. Guided by our team of WAER experts, these programs are customised to address the intricate and distinctive needs of every warehouse.



Our dedicated Implementation team is committed to creating, guiding, and enhancing your WAERlinx journey. A strong emphasis is placed on working with you design WAERlinx to meet your specific needs. 



Our dynamic testing team ensures comprehensive testing coverage for your project. Additionally, if you need extra testing support, it is readily available.


Supply Chain Consultants 

With over 50 years of collective Supply Chain experience, our Consultants and Business Analysts committed to understanding your warehouse and organisation from the start. We strive to ensure WAERlinx is designed for optimal efficiency and collaborate with you beyond the go-live phase to enhance and continually evolve the system.

The WAER way of Implementing 

With our years of experience, WAER has developed a proven process that optimises the efficiency of our solution. We ensure a seamless integration of WAERlinx through a methodical and measurable approach, ensuring maximum outcomes.

Throughout the four stages, our dedicated teams work hand in hand with you and your teams to collaboratively design, implement, and smooth transition to BAU.


Understanding your business and developing a customised design for WAERlinx is our top priority. We delve into the intricacies of your business to ensure that our solution is tailored to your specific needs.

Dedicated teams diligently working on the preparation, configuration, development, and rigorous testing of WAERlinx, all in anticipation of the upcoming User Acceptance Testing.

After carefully checking and ensuring all systems are to go, we move forward with the exciting go-live phase, followed by the flexibility to have dedicated hypercare (WAERcare) support.

Moving beyond the project and into the realm of BAU! Our dedicated Support and Account Management teams guarantee a seamless transition, empowering your teams to embrace WAERlinx and thrive even further.