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Achieve simplicity through customisable solutions


Industries We Enable 


WAERlinx for Foodbanks

Created in collaboration with Foodbank , tailored specifically to meet the challenges they face. WAERlinx offers the essential transparency and visibility required to optimise inventory output and efficiency.

WAERlinx for Business to Many 

Recognising the individuality of every business unit in Business to Many (B2M), our product offering base consists of a diverse blend of Wholesale (B2B) and eCommerce (B2C). 


WAERlinx for Aerospace

Our cutting-edge features offer the Aerospace industry a seamless and hassle-free inventory management experience, all while ensuring compliance and safety are top priorities.


WAERlinx Food & Beverage  

Our Food & Beverages features simplify inventory management, making it effortlessly convenient to align with strict quality controls needed to guarantee compliance with government regulations.


WAERlinx for Retail

Providing the capability for you to effortlessly handle high-demand periods and tailor experiences to your specific customers.  Additional features to support the capability to build gift baskets, personalisation of inventory and more.


WAERlinx Automotive 

WAERlinx enables automotive teams to distribute parts for client vehicles or internal use efficiently. It provides comprehensive visibility and transparency of items from the moment they are received until they are delivered.

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