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Client Services 

Our objective is to ensure the success of your WAERlinx experience by providing unmatched customer support and maintaining WAERlinx's operational status with the opportunity to gain access to our Premium Client Services Support services. 

The WAER Way 

Once you have successfully implemented WAERlinx, our dedicated Client Services team will be by your side every step of the way, providing assistance and guidance as you navigate the stabilisation and evolution of WAER.

With our support, your teams will have the freedom to self-serve, while also having the option to access additional assistance through our exclusive WAER Premium Support Packages.


As you navigate the transition from the Project to BAU, our dedicated support team will be there to guide you and ensure a seamless adjustment to a new way of working beyond the Project. We are committed to helping your teams become acquainted and at ease with WAER, making the transition as smooth as possible.

Our Client Services Team will be available to support you through a seamless stabilisation of your system. Collaborating with you, to create a tailored support package that perfectly suits your organisation.

As your team evolves, we will remove the training wheels and take a step back. Rest assured, our support team will still be available for any support issues you may encounter. Subject to the size of your organisation, industry and warehouse we will implement our bespoke support package that was created in stablise. 

Our advanced stage offers an incredible chance to fine-tune and maximise the benefits of our premium support packages. These packages are designed for our team to go above and beyond the standard support offering. It lets you focus on your core tasks while our team proactively manages your system.