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Achieve unrivalled transparency throughout your warehouse


Small Warehouse, Unique Processes

Take charge of your Inventory with ease 

Smaller warehouses often use inflexible warehouse management systems and processes that lack scalability and inventory visibility. This can result in double handling of transactions that impact inventory accuracy. This is why at WAER, we know it's important to adopt a more advanced WMS to optimise inventory management processes regardless of Warehouse size.

Large Warehouse, Scalable Processes

Any Warehouse. Any Size. Anywhere. 

Recognising the uniqueness of each industry, we acknowledge the importance of comprehensive WMS that supports optimising large-scale operations.  Our advanced features offer the flexibility to customise to individual warehouse needs, addressing your specific challenges with precision.


3PL Warehouses

Make managing your 3PL Inventory a Breeze

Capability for multi-client operations, our 3PL Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables logistics service providers to oversee capacity, processes, and inventory efficiently. Emphasising integration as the key to success, we adopt a holistic approach to managing client-owned inventory.

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