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WAERlinx for Food & Beverage

In the world of Food & Beverages, strict adherence to rules and regulations is paramount for product holding and handling. WAERlinx eliminates the guesswork in food compliance within a Warehouse Management System (WMS), simplifying the tracking, storage, and delivery of food products.

Challenges for Food & Beverage Warehouses

At WAER, we grasp the complexity of Food & Beverage warehouses, where a configurable solution is crucial for effective management.

Visibility of Stored Inventory
Managing High Volume of Units
Tracking of Expiration Dates

How WAERlinx enables Food & Beverages Warehouses 

Configuring WAERlinx is a breeze, yet summarising all its exceptional features can be challenging. We've highlighted key features that enable our Food & Beverage customers.

WAERlinx ensures rigorous inbound quality inspections with accurate checks and expiration date capture. Dynamic Putaway rules ensure seamless compliance based on specific food storage criteria like Dry or Frozen.

Inventory Management

WAERlinx supports GS1 standards for capturing product data like expiration and catchweight, using SSCC codes for EDI shipments between Vendor and Customer. It integrates quality checks for fresh produce alongside standard warehouse operations to track quality information throughout the pallet's lifecycle.

Inventory Tracking

Flawless inventory tracking is crucial for Food & Beverage to comply with food regulations, maintain product quality, and track expiry dates, lots, and catch weight throughout the food lifecycle.

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Order Fullfillment

WAERlinx optimises picking efficiency through First Expiry First Out (FEFO) principles, utilising single, wave, and batch picking. This is complemented by Order Allocation driven by the needs of different customers and sales channels such as specific documentation or quality standards.


Streamline compliance with final quality checks in dispatch. Tailored to the specific needs of individual customers and sales channels), WAERLinx supports direct shipping of picked pallets or Pack/Ship. 

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