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WAERlinx for Enterprises

To manage a high volume of units effectively, a robust WMS platform is essential. With its exceptional capability and customisable features, WAERlinx empowers your warehouses to handle large volumes while significantly improving your overall operational efficiencies.

Challenges for Enterprise Warehouses 

At WAER we recognise the inherent complexity at the heart of enterprise warehouses. To tackle challenges effectively, a configurable solution is essential.

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Unique Business Processes Requiring Tailored Solutions
Managing High Volume of Units
Flexibility & Adaptability

How WAERlinx enables Enterprise Warehouses

Configuring WAERlinx is a breeze, yet summarising all its exceptional features can be challenging. We've highlighted key features that enable our Enterprise clients.
Inbound Inventory

Enhance transparency and streamline your inbound process by receiving inventory using WAERlinx. With the capability to receive Inbound Shipments, Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders and Customer Returns.  Dynamic putaway rules can be customised for different item types. 

Inventory Management

WAERlinx supports multiple owners and warehouses for dynamic inventory management. It allows for adjusting inventory through stock counts and offers replenishment features to ensure accurate inventory availability.

Production Support

Our production support streamlines manufacturing by seamlessly integrating Work Orders from the ERP and completing Assemblies from external MRPs or within WAERlinx. The Work Order execution is designed for flexible and smooth manufacturing processes.

Inventory Tracking

WAERlinx has a wide range of inventory tracking capability, leveraging a unique reference from inbound all the way through to outbound e.g Serial Number, Batch, Lot and Expiration.

Order Fullfillment

WAERlinx offers a flexible approach to order fullfillment. Whether you're batch, wave, or single picking, you have the ability to build cartons and tailor different processes to your needs.


Optimise your Shipping driven by despatch bays making it simple to automate your shipping process. Your couriers and employees will appreciate the ease of processing orders, enhanced even further by our Sign on Glass application.

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