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WAERlinx for Small, Medium Businesses

We understand that each industry and warehouse can have its own unique processes that traditional ERPs and existing WMS systems struggle to support. We take pride in our innovative and customisable product offering, designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Considering the entire warehouse journey, our features go beyond the limitations of a standard WMS and significantly benefit your business.

Challenges for SME Warehouses

Often regarded as the underdogs in the Supply Chain world, SME's face various challenges. 

We recognise the importance of thinking in a simplistic yet practical manner to overcome these obstacles effectively.

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Inventory Accuracy
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Courier Enablement

How WAERlinx enables SME

Configuring WAERlinx is a breeze, yet summarising all its exceptional features can be challenging. We've highlighted key features that enable our SME customers.
Inbound Inventory

Enable flawless inventory receipt by efficiently handling purchase orders, transfers, and RMAs. Users scan the unique reference ID to complete the receipt, guided by 5 essential putaway rules for smooth operations.

Inventory Management
Maintain precise inventory levels through regular stock counts, cycle counts, inventory transfers, and adjustments. Utilise demand-driven replenishment strategies to ensure that inventory is readily available when needed.
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Order Fullfillment

WAER enables SMEs to streamline picking and delivering customer orders with ease using both wave and single-picking methods. Making seamless experience for order release to pack drop. 


WAERlinx offers various options for supporting the packing and shipping of orders, which can be configured for different sales order types. This is to help tailor and maximise outbound putaway. 

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