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WAERlinx for Foodbanks

Established in 2018, WAERlinx for Foodbanks is our inaugural specialised verticalised solution. With warehouses driven by volunteers, WAERlinx for Foodbanks is a Tailor-made solution. Providing simple and effective management of inventory, donations and delivery of food.

Challenges for Foodbanks Warehouses

At WAER, we recognise the inherent complexity at the heart of warehouses. To tackle challenges effectively, a configurable solution is essential.

Usability for Volunteers
Transformation of Donations
Flexibility & Adaptability

How WAERlinx enables Foodbank Warehouses

Configuring WAERlinx is a breeze, yet summarising all its exceptional features can be challenging. We've highlighted key features that enable our Foodbank customers.

Effectively manage both donated and purchased foods, addressing the needs of state and federal (CSFP) programs. It captures crucial information for distribution, including expiration dates and lot details, while streamlining the process through the Putaway by directing pallets to appropriate bin locations based on properties such as temperature control.

Inventory Management

WAERlinx supports the standard inventory management functions of replenishment, movement, stock count and adjustment.  Additionally, it provides the ability to hold inventory in Reserve and transfer it between warehouses.  

Inventory Tracking

Effective inventory tracking is crucial for Foodbanks to comply with food regulations, maintain product quality, and track expiry dates, lots, and catch weight throughout the food lifecycle.

Production Support

Support building food boxes or backpacks with ease. In addition, WAERlinx supports specific Foodbanks features to support the transformation of mixed donated items into sellable inventory with alignment to TEFAP and other Federal and State programs.

Order Fullfillment

First Expiry First Out rules drive order allocation. Customer orders can be picked by multiple operators across the different zones of the warehouse.  And consolidated onto pallets. Making it easier to marshal them for shipping. 


Our frictionless shipping process makes it easier for Foodbanks to get their orders loaded onto our Sign On Glass app. Creating visibility for offline delivering of food.

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