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WAERlinx for Retail

Elevate your retailing experience with our cutting-edge modules, designed to make life a breeze. Whether you're curating exquisite hampers, crafting personalised wedding gifts, or designing custom gift cards, our platform empowers you to deliver a quality customer experience.  Unlock the convenience of effortlessly tracking critical information and automating essential processes, ensuring your business operates with unparalleled efficiency.

Challenges for Retail Warehouses

At WAER, we understand the complexity of Retail warehouses. A configurable solution is essential to tackle challenges effectively.

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Unique Business Processes Requiring Tailored Solutions
Managing High Volume of Units
High Volume of Customer Returns

How WAERlinx enables Retail Warehouses

Configuring WAERlinx is a breeze, yet summarising all its exceptional features can be challenging. We've highlighted key features that enable our Retail customers.

Tailored for various processes and item-specific needs, our system captures crucial information for successful inventory storage and quality assurance. The Putaway by Zone Type feature streamlines processes, especially in designated Food and Non-Food areas.

Inventory Management

WAERlinx surpasses typical inventory management tasks like adjustment and stock counting. It goes the extra mile by incorporating the capability to conduct Quality Checking specifically for gifts during stock counts.

Inventory Tracking

For retailers specialising in selling hampers, WAERlinx facilitates tracking expiration dates. This capability ensures that the food quality meets the standard required for selling.

Production Support

Purposefully designed to facilitate the creation of dynamic hampers or gift packs. Ensuring a smooth process where inventory is deducted accurately and sent out in a consolidated manner.

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Order Fullfillment

Leveraging dynamic picking strategies single, batch, or wave complemented by First Expiry First Out (FEFO) supports a streamlined picking process. Configure your pack bays to provide final checks and delivery consolidation.


Despatching is breeze when leveraging Advanced Courier Booking to ensure customers orders are delivered on time.

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