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WAERlinx for Business to Many (B2M)

At WAER, we recognise the significance of a cutting-edge WMS that caters to both Wholesale/business-to-business (B2B) and eCommerce/business-to-consumer (B2C) needs while also delivering a tailored customer experience for every sector within the company.

Challenges for B2M Warehouses

We understand the significance of adopting a simplified approach to effectively overcome these challenges and deliver a seamless experience for B2M.

Bespoke Experience per Sales Channel
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Courier Enablement

How WAERlinx enables B2M Warehouses

Configuring WAERlinx is a breeze, yet summarising all its exceptional features can be challenging. We've highlighted key features that enable our B2M customers.

Improve visibility when receiving either through inbound shipments, purchase orders, transfer orders, or RMA. These orders can be put away by specific rules or categories, enhancing transparency.

Inventory Management

Manage multiple warehouses and subsidiaries (owners) with automated stock counts, and demand-driven and trigger-based replenishment. Simplify the management and implementation of Inspection and Quarantine processes.

Production Support

Our Production Support enables B2M to customise inventory, allowing for the creation of gift packs or sets comprised of multiple assembled items, labelling and rework and seamlessly converting completed assemblies into sellable units.

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Order Fullfillment

Tailoring the experience based on the sales channel involves seamlessly integrating picking to packing, leveraging the efficiencies of batch, wave, and single pick types across each stage. Creating a dynamic model that supports direct shipment, shipment to DC's for distribution and shipment to retail stores. 


Utilising various owners and sales channels enhances the personalised customer experience. WAERlinx supports Freight shipments and seamlessly integrates with a diverse selection of couriers.  The specific demands of Exports can be easily supported, including the creation of commercial invoices as needed. 

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