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Empowering Food Banks: How WAERlinx is Making a Difference

Discover how WAERlinx is revolutionising the way Food Banks operate and support communities in need.

Empowering Food Banks with WAERlinx

WAERlinx for Foodbanks empowers them by providing them with the technology they need to manage their operations and support their communities efficiently. With WAERlinx, Food Banks can streamline their processes, improve their inventory management, and ensure that food gets to those who need it most.

The benefits of WAERlinx for Food Banks are immense. Its features usability makes it a breeze for employees and volunteers to adopt the solution. By integrating this cutting-edge solution, WAERlinx helps Food Banks improve the quality and efficiency of their operations, allowing them to serve millions of people in their communities.

Efficient Expiry and Lot Tracking

WAERlinx for Foodbanks provides expiry and lot tracking capabilities, allowing Food Banks to efficiently manage their inventory and ensure the freshness of their food. With WAERlinx, Food Banks can track expiry dates and lot numbers, enabling them to distribute food before it expires. This helps to reduce waste and ensures that the food reaching communities is safe to consume.

Dynamic Item Type Putaway Support for Temperature Control

WAERlinx supports dynamic rules for item type putaway, specifically designed to support temperature control in Food Banks. The dynamic putaway rules ensure that the correct item type goes to the appropriate area, taking the guesswork out for end users. The system provides locations for the item to be putaway. 

Streamlining Operations with Sign on Glass Technology

WAERlinx supports sign-on glass technology, allowing Food Banks to streamline operations and improve their delivery processes. With sign-on glass, Food Banks can digitally capture signatures for proof of delivery online and offline, eliminating the need for paper-based processes. This not only saves time and resources but also enhances the overall customer experience. 

Conversion of Donated Goods 

At WAER, we understand that food donation is at the heart of a Food Bank. We support the ability to transform donated items into sellable items. Capturing critical information to ensure it correctly be tracked throughout the warehouse. Ultimately supporting the capability to build backpacks or food kits.  


Pallet Enablement 

With the ability to efficiently receive and track pallets throughout the warehouse, WAERlinx simplifies order execution. Its additional feature allows users to easily pick items into pallets and drop them as needed, facilitating task sharing and ensuring that completed orders are prepared on time.


WAERlinx : Supporting Food Banks to Serve Millions

The benefits of WAERlinx for Food Banks are significant, with the capability that has supported Food Banks across the United States. WAERlinx continues to evolve alongside Foodbanks supporting dynamic processes from Kitchens, Food Vans, Agencies and more. WAERlinx helps Food Banks get over 30 million meals out the door, ensuring that those facing food insecurity have access to nutritious food. With WAERlinx, Food Banks can improve the quality and efficiency of their operations, making a difference in the lives of millions.