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Account Management

We are a dedicated team focused solely on you. We focus on growing your WAERlinx, enhancing your experience, being your advocate and helping you continue to maximise the benefit that WAERlinx can bring to you.

The WAER way of Account Management  

Once you complete our Realise project phase, our Professional Services team will step aside, allowing us to take charge. We will kickstart the process by scheduling an introduction call. This will help us understand how we can specifically customise our ongoing monthly or quarterly engagement around you and your needs. 

As you progress through the transition from the Project to BAU, our dedicated account team will reach out to you. Our initial conversation is focused on getting to know you on a deeper level, beyond just your WAERlinx. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the additional support that is available to you.

As you continue your WAERlinx journey, we will tailor how you engage with WAER beyond the project. This is designed to assist you and your teams in seamlessly transitioning to the adoption of WAERlinx.


Adopting WAERlinx is a monumental transformation for both you and your teams. Once you have become familiar with the system, it is only natural for you to progress further. This is where we step in – we will assess and recommend potential training options, arrange another site visit, or organise a professional services call.

Post stabilisation and the hype of WAER has passed, which is when we work with you to grow WAER. Recommended new features or configurations that can grow your WAERlinx benefits. Rest assured, we won't leave you once you've reached the growth stage. We'll continue to stay connected and support you every step of the way.