We are pleased to announce that WAERlinx R20 is ready for release. The new features that we are introducing are explained below.

Please take a look and if you would like to utilise any of these exciting new innovations then please let us know and we will make it happen for you.


We now support displaying product images in Receiving.



Putaway rules have been enhanced to support putaway zones. This is driven by a custom field in NetSuite that defines up to 3 different putaway zone types.


Weights in Inventory Move

One of our new customers picks labels and the number of labels used within manufacturing can be calculated based upon weight and spindle dimensions held on fields in NetSuite. This feature allows the stock to be weight on dropped and inventory is automatically adjusted.


General Improvements


Non Barcoded Items

A item can be flagged as non barcoded using a NetSuite custom field which in turn will mean the picker and packer can click a continue button to mimic the scan.


Manufacturing Changes 

Combining Manufacturing and Sales Order Picking for some goods means they can be automatically packed within the manufacturing location.


Order Categories linked to Packing Bays

Order categories can be setup in NetSuite that will then drive the order to a particular packing bay. Dropping at a recommended packing bay has been altered to allow support for scanning either the recommended packing bay or selecting a different packing bay.


Reallocate Items based on Priority

A new configuration allows WAERlinx to reallocate based upon Ship Date or Order Priority for new orders.


B2B Gateway EDI Support

Support for EDI integration of ASNs via NetSuite has been enhanced.   We have added support for B2B Gateway data connectivity between a customer’s NetSuite instance and their business partners.


Vendor Barcodes

Support of Vendor Barcodes in NetSuite that can be brought down to WAERlinx and used within scanning.


Like What You See?

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Some of these enhancements will be available free of charge where as others may require implementation costs or further modifications to tailor them to your configuration.