The WAERlinx development team has been working on some great new features. Here’s a quick run-down:

A WMS with Weight Scale Integration and Weight Checking

WAERlinx now has the option to integrate with industrial scales to perform weight checking when completing pick tasks. This feature allows tolerances to be set during picking to determine if the weight falls within expectations for the picked quantity.

And at the point of despatch this allows the package weight to be captured and incorporated into the courier booking.

Warehouse Management System that Supports Click & Collect

WAERlinx for NetSuite can now support reservations of inventory and the subsequent completion of an order once the customer has arrived on site. The order is raised with a reservation flag and once it is picked, it cannot be issued to the customer until it has been released. The customer arrives on site, makes a payment and the order is released for issue to the customer.  This is fantastic for customers offering a Click and Collect or Reserve and Collect service.

Remainder Replenishment

If there is insufficient product in the pick face for a warehouse operative to complete an order, they are directed to the bulk location to collect the remainder of the product.  This triggers WAERlinx to direct the remainder of the product from the bulk carton for put-away into the pick face without any manual intervention, keeping things running smoothly in the warehouse.

Weight and Cube Capacity Limits on Locations

New feature prevents operators overstocking a location – weight and cube limits for locations in the warehouse now trigger alerts using selection algorithms which check capacity when determining put-away locations.

WAERlinx for Oracle+NetSuite is a WMS with Amazon Marketplace Integration

WAERlinx WMS for NetSuite now integrates fully with Amazon Marketplace Web Service to allow customers to use Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime program.

TrueCommerce Integration

An interface has been created to integrate with TrueCommerce to support EDI calls between customer and supplier. This allows ASNs to be issued to customers when items are shipped from the Warehouse.

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing

WAERlinx now supports Advanced Manufacturing in NetSuite: when manufacturing operations are completed in NetSuite, WAERlinx will capture those events in the integration. It will create the Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies, and consume the back-flushed raw materials.

Automated Updates to Replenishment Trigger Levels

This feature adjusts replenishment trigger levels for the pick face, based on a formula of usage and outstanding demands. The system looks at the last three months usage to give an average, and then looks to keep a minimum of seven working days on the shelf pick face. The warehouse management have the option to accept the replenishment recommendation or not.

Retail Customer Update Portal

WAERlinx can provide a web page that enables retail customers to view updates on their order, showing the order being created, movement of order(s) through the warehouse and delivery status. The web page comes from WAERlinx but can be served from inside the customer’s commercial website, providing seamless, customer-branded presentation.