We wanted to share a popular feature from WAERlinx, one that our customers love – WAERlinx key performance indicators (KPI’s).

These graphical widgets are evolving all the time in response to customer feedback and the specific nature of our customer supply chains.  As you can see from the examples below, the KPI’s allow you to accurately take the pulse of what’s happening in the warehouse, enabling informed management decisions with real-time accuracy of information.

Capacity Gauge – Our customers love this!  A simple colour-coded chart to tell you precisely how full your warehouse is.  Clicking on the chart takes you immediately to a list of all the empty locations you have in real time.  Fantastic for planning capacity or re-organisation.

User Transaction Summary – A quick view of who has done the most transactions today in your team.  Our customers use this as part of performance reviews and also to motivate – for example, a monthly reward of Amazon vouchers for the Goods Out operative that shipped the most parcels.

User Operations gives a view of actual operator performance over the previous 12 months, subsets of the overall team can be selected, allowing for direct comparisons to be made. It is a great tool for highlighting top performers and conversely, anyone who needs to be reminded on expected productivity levels!