As a SaaS (software as a service), WAERlinx customers know they are always benefiting from our latest developments in their warehouse operation.  Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new…


Multiple Zone Allocation
Previously, orders marked for Ship Complete had to allocate from a single zone in the warehouse. Now allocation can be across multiple zones.

Batch Picking Enhancements
We’ve made some changes to the Batch Picking option in order to minimize the number of scans required to confirm order picks, speeding things up in readiness for the holiday rush.

Partial Pallet Consolidation
A module runs periodically to identify partial pallet quantities in the warehouse and issues instructions to the operators to consolidate the partial pallets to full pallet quantities in a location. This enables the warehouse to consolidate product and optimize space.

Deferred Expiry Date Handling
Defer entry of an expiry date on expiry dated products until after the item has been received. Historically, if no expiry date is entered, the operation is forced to enter an expiry date as part of the Stock Count process. This development enables the warehouse to streamline the receiving process and get inventory into stock locations as quickly as possible.

PI Count Window
Enables the automated creation of count tasks to fulfill PI count obligations.

Multiple Operators on a single Pack Task
Allows multiple packers to work on a single pack task. This is useful where an operator is packing a very large order consisting of multiple pallets, for example.

To talk to a member of our team about any of these features, get in touch.