Waer Systems continues to stay ahead of the game with the release of WAERlinx8.  Enhanced features and a more intuitive new look and feel make customers’ lives even easier.

Waer Systems specialises in the design, development and implementation of flexible software solutions for organisations with complex supply chain and reporting needs.

The company was established in 2000, initially to meet the need for improved supply chain execution and warehouse management within the global aerospace industry. Today, our innovative, elegant solutions deliver increased process efficiency, optimised parts/asset management and real-time information flow to market leaders in a range of sectors.

In delivering WAERlinx8, our primary focus has been on enhancing the user experience in a number of key ways.  The product has a completely new and intuitive look & feel, building on our key concepts of core WAERlinxWAERflow and WAERconsole.


WAERconsole – for use on a wide range of mobile devices

We are particularly proud of our WAERconsole module; our dedicated Mobile Business Intelligence area for gathering KPIs, reporting and management information.  This module makes use of state-of-the-art techniques to deliver graphs and reports tailored to the needs of the individual user.


We have also developed it for use with as wide a range of mobile devices as possible, enabling our users to access their key data wherever they are.