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Below is a list of improvements to our fantastic new business intelligence platform, WAERb.i.  These changes are delivered with our March update, based on your feedback, including an awesome, brand new report for tracking order movements.

Want to know more about these or sign up? Get in touch at the button below, or visit our brand new website waerbi.com. WAER b.i updates will be added on a regular basis.


New Report – Movements Dashboard – allows you to view the amount of orders picked, packed and shipped/Dispatched within a given time period.
More reports now include a ‘Last updated’ module showing the last refresh time.

Improvement to reload times.


Daily Dashboard

Now includes ‘Blocked’ as a status on the order progress bar.Includes total active interface errors.

Includes interface requests awaiting processing.



Operator Picking Dashboard

Now Includes a total quantity picked KPI for the day.





Sales Order Dashboard

New KPI – Gross value for selected items.

New columns in order breakdown table – Sales Order Gross Amount, Delivery Country and Delivery Town.

The drill down on the sales order in the order breakdown table now shows the item SKU as well as the item description.



Receiving Dashboard

New KPI – Total Expected Cost – shows expected cost on filtered times.

Table results are listed by purchase order, transfer order or RMA, and can be drilled down to show Item SKU and Item descriptions.

New table columns – Receipt status, received quantity and outstanding quantity.

Table now downloadable to XLS file.


Count Results Dashboard

New KPI showing open counts.



Delivery Map Dashboard

Update to map colour scheme to remove red.

Additional filters added, including by item SKU, group and description to view where items are popular around the world.


Why use WAERb.i?

Have you ever imagined enhancing WAERlinx with the power of a best in class business intelligence solution?

WAERb.i. is our new KPI reporting solution, powered by the number one business intelligence platform, Qlik.


Your New Data Hub

We bring in your WAERlinx database and any other sources you wish into WAERb.i’s memory for limitless possibilities and combinations of data for dashboards.



Powerful Filters

Sort your data by any data type, and this will persist throughout WAERb.i. Have a multi-warehouse setup and only want to see a specific warehouses data? Apply the filter once and you’re good to go.



Responsive and Mobile

WAERb.i scales it’s pages to the device you are using, so you can view your dashboards on any device from a mobile all the way to a big TV.


Out of the box dashboards not what you’re looking for?

Bespoke dashboards are available.



Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.