Complex, large individual orders with many items can be time-consuming and tricky, and it’s this area where many off-the-shelf warehouse management systems fall short.

Having the odd one or two of these doesn’t pose a problem but when most of your orders fall into this category then you need a system that can handle them easily and consistently.

WAERlinx TOTE picking functionality is designed for just that.

WAERlinx customer, FAI, sells auto parts and they generally distribute large order lines. They pick into supermarket trolleys – often multiple trolleys – so they need a system that allows them to pick into multiple boxes.

Collectible coin distributor, KOIN, has custom-made trolleys with 60+ compartments to pick the tiny coins into.

In both companies, as the picking staff move around the warehouse, WAERlinx tells them where to put each item once they have started picking for an order, by displaying it in the CURRENT ORDER TOTE BOX field here.

If the picker tries to scan an item into the wrong tote box it will stop them if another order already sits in that TOTE Box or indeed, if they try and scan into a box with no existing order in.

The interface is clear and clean, allowing operators to see what’s been picked and yet to pick, and to spread the order across multiple boxes if necessary.


And it doesn’t stop there.  Our team is currently working on an extension of the TOTE functionality, incorporating manufacturing so that orders that require manufacturing can be assigned to a TOTE box from the outset until they are made and fulfilled in the warehouse.