A recent change to WAERlinx relates to the way we process work orders, which means we write off stock during the release of a work order, rather than during the picking drop.

The reason this is so important to some of our customer is because they tend to pick full quantities of work orders, but only in partial quantities.

In turn, we have created a major benefit in that, if you decide you don’t want to build the rest of the work order, you can simply close it rather than going through lengthy BOM Break features.

An example:

When a work order is picked and dropped at the Manufacturing location, the items will remain allocated until they are released using the Work Order Completion function.

This allows the customer to release built and manufactured items at the end of the process, updating NetSuite with this new information and aligning the stock balances between the two platforms.

This configuration works perfectly across multiple warehouses and can also be used in tandem with transfer orders, which subsequently drives efficiencies for our customers.

David Snelson, Managing Director at WAER said,

“Manufacturing companies make up a major part of the NetSuite customer base and this trend looks set to rise over the next 18 months.  Against this context, we are keen to make sure that WAERlinx delivers the functionality that these customers need.”