Great news – WAERlinx R25 26, 27 & 28 are ready for release and the features they contain are explained below.

Please take a look and let the WAER team know which innovative new features you would like to add to your WAERlinx solution.

How do WAERlinx Releases Work?

If you’re not sure how our releases work, check out the diagram below that gives an example of a timeline of releases, their statuses, and what it means for you.

You can find out your current release by going to WAERlinx, and after the main web address adding ‘/showVersion’ (eg, then viewing the ‘Tag’ Value (eg. waerlinx-r18.028). If you want to know when your release will become ‘End of Life’ please get in touch and we can discuss this with you.

Release Strategy Guide Example

Do I need to upgrade?

Only if you want us to develop new features for you. We will also never upgrade your version of WAERlinx without asking you.

Release 25 : Key Features

Pick Release – Auto Ship Button

Need to fast-track a sales order to ship? This is eliminates redundant steps in the system (picking/packing/shipping) that are not applicable to Field Operations.


Automate Remove Outbound Items

This removes the need to do a putaway back to the pick face and makes the process more efficient.


Optimised Inventory Move

If your operators frequently move items between 2 specific locations – these screens allow you to do this with minimal interaction with the screens for speed and efficiency.


Cycle Count Management – Inbound Integration

Inbound Integration to Netsuites cycle count scheduler.



Release 26 : Key Features


Back Office Receiving

If your operation has space constraints over multiple warehouses, this allows the receiving team to advise where to put stock.


Receive against Back Office Instructions

Optimised receiving for handheld devices, with directions to based on back office receiving instructions.


Determine Location at start of Putaway

The Putaway location will be determined when the truck driver picks up the pallet for put-away rather than at the point of receipt. The system can direct the put-away team to put the Partial Pallet Quantity to a Pick Face location and then aim to store the bulk pallets in empty bulk locations that are in the near proximity of the pick face.


List Based Picking

A new layout of picking – this allows the operator to pick by checking off items in the order they choose all in one screen for handheld.


Support for Multiple Ti-Hi

The ability to store different Ti-Hi parameters for multiple warehouses, with the ability to modify them for oversize locations.


Two Stage Putaway

Allows for one operator to put away to a staging location and another to finish the Putaway to the desired location.


Back Office Picking

Allows an administrator or manager to quickly pick items in a desktop receiving style view, with all items displayed at once with inline editable quantities picked.


Cycle Count Management

This enables count results to be created in NetSuite and pushed into WAERlinx, as well as a new report for auditing the results.


Release 27 : Key Features


Changes to Subsidiaries

This allows for a changing of the owning subsidiary of inventory in the warehouse.


Packing – Input of Actual Package Weight

This enables you to Input the weight of each individual carton that is packed for an order, as well as have the number of packages and package weights specified on bookings.


Record Consumption of Packaging Materials

This allows you to track all stock movement of Packaging Materials, and Record the Packaging Materials that are used by barcode scanning Interface Packaging Consumption information from WAERlinx to NetSuite.


GLS Courier Integration

New Courier Integration allowing shipments.



Receiving – View / Edit Product Size & Weight

With Netsuite integration.



Support of multiple languages

Allowing a switch between languages. Some translations may need to be added manually.



Pick and Count by Project

If you want to categorise your inventory by a specific project or group, this allows you to do so, as well as pick and count by this.



Release 28 : Key Features


Reapply Weight Breaks to Partial Picks

When using weight breaks this feature allows you to recalculate the shipping method in packing. This is relevant for partial shipments where the weight has been calculated on the entire order but in packing only part of the order is being shipped.


Ability to Break Down a Stock Trace

If you often receive a pallet but don’t have time to split it at receipt, this allows you to open a stock trace in inventory move and split it into cases.


Ability to select LPNs by Batch for Quarantine

This allows the operator to select multiple stock traces in the part hub and quarantine them.


Enable Catch Weight & Editing

This allows you to add a catch weight to your inventory during receiving, as well as modify the catch weight of a pallet once it has been picked, and at point of shipping.


Expiration for Finished Goods

This allows you to enforce expiry tracking on your Manufactured Items.



DHL Integration via DHL Paket API

New Courier Integration allowing shipments.


Like what you see?

Please contact the sales team to discuss further.

Several of these features are available at no cost and others can be delivered with a small amount of billable time to cover the configuration changes and testing.