Great news – WAERlinx R23 & R24 are ready for release and the features it contains are explained below.

Please take a look and let the WAER team know which innovative new features you would like to add to your WAERlinx solution.

How do WAERlinx Releases Work?

If you’re not sure how our releases work, check out the diagram below that gives an example of a timeline of releases, their statuses, and what it means for you.

You can find out your current release by going to WAERlinx, and after the main web address adding ‘/showVersion’ (eg, then viewing the ‘Tag’ Value (eg. waerlinx-r18.028). If you want to know when your release will become ‘End of Life’ please get in touch and we can discuss this with you.

Release Strategy Guide Example

Do I need to upgrade?

Only if you want us to develop new features for you. We will also never upgrade your version of WAERlinx without asking you.


Release 23 : Key Features


Support For Build Instructions On A Work Order

You can now attach instructions and imagery to the work order completion screen, making it quicker and easier for operators to create items.




Support For Multiple Boxes Under One SKU When Shipping Individual Items





Support for Backflush

This allows you to automate the transfer of inventory from NetSuite to a third party without having to physically handle the items.





Release 24 : Key Features


Alerts At The Start of Packing

Packers can now be alerted if they start packing an order that has outstanding Order Pick tasks. This is to prevent an order being shipped until all the pick tasks from various work sectors have been united at the packing bay.




A new set of screens called ‘Pre-production’ allow you to prepare the contents of your pallets more easily ready for production.




Improved Cluster Picking

Includes a variety of user experience improvements.




Support for GFS International Shipments





Custom Address Record integration

You can now associate delivery addresses and gift messages with individual order line items for large orders going to multiple recipients.



Like what you see?

Please contact the sales team to discuss further.
Several of these features are available at no cost and others can be delivered with a small amount of billable time to cover the configuration changes and testing.