As a WAER customer, you will be pleased to hear that WAERlinx R21 is ready for release with R22 coming soon. The new features that we are introducing are explained below.

Please take a look and if you would like to utilise any of these exciting new innovations then please let us know and we will make it happen for you.

How do WAERlinx Releases Work?

If you’re not sure how our releases work, check out the diagram below that gives an example of a timeline of releases, their statuses, and what it means for you.

You can find out your current release by going to WAERlinx, and after the main web address adding ‘/showVersion’ (eg, then viewing the ‘Tag’ Value (eg. waerlinx-r18.028). If you want to know when your release will become ‘End of Life’ please get in touch and we can discuss this with you.

Release Strategy Guide Example

Release 21 : Key Features

On Demand Kits

One of our customers in the Food Industry had a scenario where they needed to generate a variety of hampers. However, the combinations that could be selected made the kitting feature in NetSuite a huge operational overhead. Working with our NetSuite Partner Catalyst, we brought down a custom field on the sales order line indicating a hamper number. This was then implemented into packing ensuring the operator packed each hamper item into the same packing container. We have nicknamed this ‘On Demand Kits’.


Supermarket Scanning in Picking

There are alerts and options when it comes to picking multiple quantities and now a supermarket scanning feature can also be enabled allowing each item to be scanned rather than a quantity be entered.


Count the Remainder

A new report provides further information on potential locations for IO tracked inventory around the warehouse.



IO Tracking Report

An existing WAERlinx feature has been extended to be used within all picking types. This means that you can define a value against each item to determine the point at which a picker should complete a stock count of that item in the location. This can be very useful for increasing counting in the warehouse with a minimal impact on effort.



Wave Packing

If you have picked a single item this enhancement allows you to pack all the items together by passing the need to pack each item individually.




Order Categories

We can now configure Order Categories as they come down from NetSuite based on a number of values. This can be useful for example, for determining which packing bay the orders should be dropped at.

Release 22 : Key Features


User Profiles

This allows you to show users their current profile and level of access. The User Profile is located in the header of both the desktop and handheld view.


Like what you see?

Please contact the sales team to discuss further.

Some of these enhancements will be available free of charge, whereas others may require implementation costs or further modifications to tailor them to your configuration.