Previously, when customers wanted to get an update on their order with boutique online retailer Cox and Cox, they would call, or email Cox and Cox customer services.  This was taking up quite a lot of resource, and the company wanted to find out if Waer could develop a customer order portal for WAERlinx, their WMS solution allowing customers to track their orders, from first click to delivery.

The result is a web page that allows Cox and Cox customers to view updates on their order.  Right from the moment they buy the item through to when it is shipped from their state of the art warehouse.

The page has a user interface designed to replicate the style and flow of the main Cox and Cox website, giving it the appearance of an extension rather than a third party component.

So how does it work? The customer uses their order reference and postcode to bring up the details of their orders.  They can then see:

  • Items on the order
  • Quantity on the order
  • Status of the order
  • A time stamp of the most recent activity


The order status explained:

  • Awaiting Pick – this shows order lines that have been interfaced across from  NetSuite but have not yet been assigned to be picked by the warehouse team
  • Back Ordered – this captures order lines that are not ready to be picked yet
  • In Picking – captures an order that is out for picking with a warehouse operator
  • In Packing – captures any order that has been picked or has been packed and is awaiting dispatch
  • Shipped – this captures all shipped order lines

When a line is shown as shipped, the portal also displays a Tracking Button and a tracking reference. The tracking button automatically opens the relevant Temando (the Cox and Cox courier partner) tracking features:

The tracking button auto-populates the Temando feature, however, the user can also enter the tracking number manually if needed.

The portal has been a huge success and has helped Cox & Cox’ customers and customer service team in equal measure.  Everyone has the information they need much faster and it is real-time data.  Calls to the customer service team have reduced dramatically and customer satisfaction has increased.

This modification to WAERlinx has proved to be an excellent solution to a business problem that many companies have and it is now part of the overall software platform.