Choosing a WMS can be a minefield, especially if you are also trying to decide whether to buy a standalone system or one that’s integrated to an ERP system.

Of course, if your organisation already has an ERP then that narrows things down.  The site lists all the solutions that can be integrated to NetSuite but it still takes a lot of questions to find out whether your warehouse set up can be accommodated and if the system really will deliver the ROI it promises.


This report on Warehouse Management Software Buyer Trends looks at this in more detail and it’s interesting to note its key findings:

  • About three-quarters of WMS buyers want barcoding. Still far and away the most-used scanning tech in warehouses.
  • Over half of WMS buyers are looking for systems to manage multiple warehouses.
  • The market is near even split in looking for standalone WMS versus a full ERP+WMS system.

It makes for a useful read when considering the options.

And when you’ve narrowed it down to a shortlist, it’s also important to find out what other customers think!  Check out some of the latest reviews of WAERlinx.