The WAERlinx Work Hub contains all the functions and tools for control of demands in the supply chain, warehouse work activity, operator workload and inbound deliveries.

  • Cross-Docking

    The Cross-Docking feature in WAERlinx is used to expedite shortages. It is a designated area within a store used to hold items for which there is an outstanding requirement to be fulfilled when they are received. The aim of the Cross-Dock is to prevent items with outstanding shortages from being put away to a standard location in the warehouse. Instead, they are placed in the Cross-Dock ready for immediate picking and shipping to their final destination, minimising the delay in fulfilling outstanding shortages.

  • Flexible Inbound and Outbound Processes

    Waer’s functionality for inbound and outbound processing is designed to support the actual flow and storage of material as closely as possible, without requiring any more than the minimum amount of data input. At the same time, detailed visibility and auditable transaction history are preserved, providing our customers with a highly effective and efficient system that enables better decision making and provides transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain.

    Features include:

    •  Batch/Lot Tracking

    •  Serial Numbers

    •  Expiration Dates

    •  Document Control

    •  Bespoke Labelling & Documentation

    •  Receipt against ASNs

    •  Inspection/Quarantine/Bonded Processing

    •  Multiple Currencies

    •  Warehouse Trans-Shipment

  • Inspection and Quarantine Routines

    Using flexible rules and configurable reason codes, WAERlinx supports inspection and quarantine requirements in a wide variety of scenarios, ranging from those where only basic controls are needed to those where stringent and complex inspection procedures are mandatory.

  • User Profiling

    WAERlinx naturally offers an extremely broad range of features, only some of which will be relevant to each group of users. A robust set of tools allows you to set up an unlimited number of user profiles, completely configurable to the exact needs of your business.  They are split into three critical areas:

    • The features they can use

    • The data they can see

    • The locations in which they can operate

    WAERlinx controls what features a user has access to, through the concept of access groups. A user’s access group will be determined by their role in the organisation so, for example, you might have one access group for warehouse operators and another for executives. The executives would have access to KPIs and management reporting while the warehouse operators would have access to more operational functions such as picking and shipping inventory.

    Users are also constrained by the concept of ownership; all inventory within WAERlinx has an associated owner and a user’s profile can be used to control which owners’ inventories they are allowed to see. This is particularly useful when you are controlling inventory for multiple customers and you want them to be able to report on their own inventory but not see or even know of the existence of those of other users. In addition, a user can be constrained to a particular site so that they can only see the inventory of, and perform tasks associated with, that specific site.

  • Mobile Computing

    With globalisation and advances in technology, modern supply chains are stretched across many locations, sometimes on a global scale. Our customers demand that their remote users have the same access to functionality regardless of whether they are in a modern warehousing facility, a small workshop or a remote depot.

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  • RFID

    Every year, the capabilities of RFID grow as the technology improves and the costs of implementation reduce. Many inventory management companies are still talking about the theoretical implementation of RFID but few can back this up with real-world examples.

    WAERlinx RFID, on the other hand, has been delivering benefits in some of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies using RFID for quite some time, extending the core WAERlinx product with a suite of services to allow them to track assets and inventory in complex, world-wide supply chains.

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  • Work Management

    Managing operational activities at storage location level within a warehouse is a fundamental feature of any supply chain management system. We recognise this and have created a specific console known as the Work Hub to make this process as efficient as possible. The Work Hub gathers all the operational management features of WAERlinx together in one place so that managers can have all the information they need at their fingertips:

    • Workflow Control

    • Demand Management

    • Task Interleaving

    • ASN Management

    • Inspection

    • Quarantine Management

    • Bonded Inventory Control

    • Stock Count Analysis

  • Walk Sequences

    WAERlinx provides the capability to optimise travel distances within the warehouse – an invaluable tool used by Work Task Management. Setting up walk sequences within the warehouse minimises the walk time throughout the warehouse for the operators and, in turn, improves the pick rate.

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