WAERflow is an integration service that enables effective communication and translation between different software applications. In essence, WAERflow takes output data from one system and translates it into input data for another.

The power of WAERflow lies in the fact that the architecture underpinning it is open and extendable; it allows solution designers the freedom to shape their integration needs in four key areas:

  • Data sources

    WAERflow is not restricted to providing integration between a single source and destination; it provides the capability to take data in different formats from multiple systems, and merge and format that data for a single target. Conversely, a single stream of data from a source system can be divided and formatted using WAERflow to send it to multiple destinations.

    Our core WAERlinx product makes full use of WAERflow for its integration needs, but WAERflow is not restricted for use only with WAERlinx modules; it stands as a product in its own right, providing integration across our customers’ software systems with or without other WAERlinx modules.

  • Data formatting

    With WAERflow, users are not restricted to a predefined set of formatted interfaces (although Waer does provide a core set of interfaces for use with the WAERlinx product, focusing on standard supply chain processes). The standard interfaces can be extended with user-specific requirements, and completely new interface formats can be defined and processed using WAERflow.

  • Transfer mechanism

    WAERflow offers a range of transfer mechanisms for interfacing that are designed to fit in with the constraints of the systems being connected together. This layer provides a wide range of data formatting and transfer protocols including:

    •  XML over HTTP via Web Services

    •  IDOCS


    •  FTP file transfer

    It can translate between those protocols such that, for example, it can take in an EDI message from one system and reformat it as XML for input to a different system that uses web services.

    The flexibility of WAERflow allows either full integration – machine to machine – or partial integration, where only certain interfaces are created and the remaining integration is managed using load files or user entry. In addition, assuming it is appropriate, this integration occurs in a real-time environment.

    The interfaces created by WAERflow are customer-specific however, to give some examples, recent interfaces we’ve delivered include:

    •  Adding/Amending part numbers

    •  Goods Receiving; ASN and Receipt Notification

    •  Goods Out; Add Demand, Packed Notification and Shipped Notification

    •  Inventory Management; Adjustment Transactions

    •  Bills of Material (BOM); Adding/Amend of BOMs

  • Integration management

    As well as translating, formatting and transferring data, WAERflow provides additional services to manage and monitor the whole process, for example:

    •  Email alerts when interfaces are unavailable

    •  Alerting users to error conditions through responses to interface requests

    •  Capturing and holding additional information from an interface request ready for use later on.

Contact us to see how WAERflow can provide your organisation with a seamless, sophisticated information exchange between multiple systems.

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