All enterprises have multiple systems fulfilling different roles for their business: ERP, MRP, Financials, CRM and so on. Elements of the information held within these systems could be used to create perfect KPIs for the business but there is a problem.

It’s easy to collect vast quantities of information but turning it all into something valuable poses a far greater challenge.

Imagine being able to open your PDA, phone or browser, opening an app and being presented with precisely the information you needed to do your job. A beautiful, graphical representation of all the critical information you require. A tool like this could only make life easier and deliver what you need in order to make better decisions, faster.

WAERconsole delivers key business information when and where you need it. As well as the standard transactional reporting supplied through WAERlinx, WAERconsole enables ‘one touch’, on-demand KPI management reporting via mobile or desktop devices. This real-time information is delivered ‘presentation ready’ to maximise its use and relevance for senior management – and it costs less than you might imagine.

The Outsourcing Argument

When it comes to business intelligence (BI) tools or management information systems (MIS), there are a number of options available. These range from simple web analytics with tools such as Webtrends, to complex data cube management systems such as Business Objects. However, approaches like these throw up two key issues:

1.     The tools are like blank pieces of paper and the work needs to be done in order to give the business what it needs in terms of management information; it can be a lot of work and not easy to get right.

2.     Skilled personnel are required to ensure that the business gets the most from an investment in BI tools and this means significant expense.

An alternative approach is offered by Waer in that the definition, creation and management of key performance indicators and the mechanisms for accessing them can be outsourced.

Waer starts by asking what the most important KPIs are. The next step is discovering the optimum route for extracting the raw data from the business in order to generate them. Once the data is acquired, Waer implements a six-phase process that takes the data from its raw state and transforms it into perfect KPI charts and metrics, delivered via smart phone, tablet or PC browser.

It is the ideal stress- and hassle-free way to get precisely what the business needs without the investment into personnel and technology that would be required to deliver it in-house.

Supply chain possibilities

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