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All organisations, whether large or small, need to innovate and improve to stay ahead of their competitors – whilst being ever-mindful of the need to keep operational costs to a minimum. Addressing these two, often conflicting, priorities led Waer to move to a Cloud Computing model to deliver the Waer products to our global customer base.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a relatively new model for delivering IT capabilities, in which users are provided access to application software over the web.  Its primary advantage is that it’s based on actual need, and the capability to pay as you go, providing attractively scalable and flexible business solutions.

What are the benefits of Cloud Computing services?

The value proposition is pretty simple – costs are naturally reduced as the usage of hardware is optimised for current need rather than allowing for indeterminate future growth. In addition, a Cloud-based strategy takes the risk out of technology investments as the costs are captured as operational expenses rather than in a traditional capital expenditure budget. The benefits are not just financial though. The capability to switch a service on or off greatly increases the agility of a company’s IT infrastructure and it also addresses one of the key issues in any IT strategy – scalability. In practice, Cloud-based services are massively scalable, and can accommodate surges in load and seasonal change.

Is the Cloud for my supply chain?

It’s easy to see the benefits of Cloud-based solutions, and supply chain, system integration and business intelligence are a perfect fit; the roll-out is speeded up, and new warehouses and suppliers can be integrated easily thanks to the flexibility and scalability benefits it offers.

ERP interfacing is simplified too, and the cost of acquisition for our customers drops dramatically when compared to an on-premise model.

Cloud-based systems deliver major benefits and savings, and Waer is leading the field so please contact us and see how a Cloud solution can revolutionise your supply chain operations.

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