WAERconsole is based on a process consisting of five distinct layers that combine to turn raw data into perfect management information charts with multiple layers of detail. The five layers are explained as follows:


    Information stored in an external system

    The source layer is essentially any feed of data that needs to be used to generate a WAERconsole KPI. This could be an internal database, an external database from a supplier or customer, an XML feed, an MRP, an ERP or a flat file like a CSV. Waer has considerable expertise in creating interfaces to any of these source types.


    ETL Application – Flow or Pentaho Kettle

    In order to extract the data from the source layer, Waer creates a staging database that will be populated from the source layer through scheduled processing. These scheduled processes can either be created within our tools using JavaScript or by utilising our preferred ETL technology, Pentaho Kettle. This will depend on the complexity of the extraction and whether Pentaho Kettle is approved for use within the client organisation’s infrastructures.


    WAERlinx Data Warehouse

    Further routines take the extracted data from the staging database and translate it into a common format within the data warehouse. This layer allows us to take staged data from many different sources and transform it to one common schema from which KPIs and reports can be built.


    WAERlinx Core Supply Chain Engine

    This layer provides the toolset to build the intelligence behind the charts and KPIs that are presented. Requests are received over http for KPI updates from various sources including web browsers, tablets and smart phones. The requests are processed and the necessary data to fulfil them are collected and aggregated to provide the necessary reporting information from which the KPI will be built. This is then passed through to the presentation layer.


    WAERlinx Core Supply Chain Engine

    The presentation layer has been developed using JavaScript to present graphical content to the user. This is highly adaptable technology that allows us to display the KPI information on a PC, tablet or smart-phone within a web browser.

    For PC users, the KPI framework is skinned with a different look and feel and is accessible from a button on the main WAERlinx system that opens the console in a new tab.

    For tablet and smart phone implementations the console exists independently, available from an application button as if it were an independent ‘app’, presenting the console within the web browser of the chosen device.

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