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The WAERlinx Supply Chain Hub delivers global visibility and real-time control of inventory and replenishment in any location at every level of the supply chain hierarchy.

  • Actual Usage Tracking

    Recording usage patterns and using them to determine future requirements is a powerful feature of WAERlinx. It is particularly useful in Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) scenarios where it can be used to determine the required levels of inventory at a particular location.

    With usage capture enabled, a profile is built that can then be used to set the replenishment trigger levels and quantities at particular locations in order to minimise inventory levels and replenishment journeys while ensuring availability. This, in turn, can be used as the basis for contractual agreements with suppliers. For example, the contract would require a supplier to maintain between eight and twelve weeks’ inventory at a particular location based on its usage figures. This can be further enhanced through the use of build rates to predict fluctuations in usage.

    WAERlinx reports and KPIs show historical usage patterns and, where appropriate, a supplier’s performance measured against predicted usage of the inventory.

  • Advance Shipping Notices (ASN)

    WAERlinx uses Advance Shipping Notices to provide forward visibility of inbound shipments, which helps to eliminate the traditional information boundaries that exist between customers, suppliers and logistics providers. This feature provides predictability and therefore greater control for Goods Inwards and Accounts Payable activities, as well as helping to eliminate the need for expediting by phone or email.

  • Kanban (Automated ‘Pull’ Replenishment)   

    Kanban is a proven replenishment trigger that comes in many guises – paper, barcodes, RFID, mobile scanners, 2-bin racks, emails, and even visual indicators, all captured at the point of use.

    Whatever triggers the demand, WAERlinx Kanban ensures that smooth consumption patterns allow for automated just-in-time replenishment, and in all cases dramatically simplifies repetitive MRP-driven purchasing methods.

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  • User-Defined Labels & Documentation  

    Every WAERlinx implementation has processes that require accompanying printed labels and documentation such as shipping manifests and inventory labels. However, each company has their own standards and specific requirements for printed material. Waer recognises this and has ensured that all printed items can be configured to a customer-specific template that reflects your unique requirements. In addition, WAERlinx can integrate external documents into key processes, for example, the capturing and printing of an externally generated invoice at the point of despatch; the benefits of which are self-evident.

  • Alerts Notification (Shortages)

    Just because a system has a highly sophisticated set of management reports and KPI charts, it does not follow that users will be looking at them at the critical moment when a problem is developing. WAERlinx has a solution to this, with proactive functionality that alerts users to operational problems, particularly shortages. The system can be configured to send emails and SMS messages to targeted sets of users for particular events such as demand shortages, giving you even more control and peace of mind.

  • Capacity Management

    WAERlinx Capacity Management enables efficient planning, deployment, and monitoring of assets and resources throughout your business. More, it provides a set of tools to ensure that the resources available to you will meet current and future business requirements at the lowest cost.

    Many of the features of Capacity Management are shared with traditional supply chain management but it goes far beyond that, to encompass:

    •  Resource reservation

    •  Identifying current and future shortages

    •  Resource utilisation analysis

    •  Identifying surpluses

    •  Managing obsolescence

    •  Defining services based on available resources

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  • Asset Management

    WAERlinx offers an effective solution for asset disposal by providing an end-to-end supply chain system using RFID technology that allows the right people to have complete real-time visibility of your assets, wherever those people are in the world and wherever their assets are in the process. And to help the process go even more smoothly, it also provides an automated change of ownership at the point of sale that can form the invoice.

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  • Forecasting

    WAERlinx offers forecasting that consolidates information concerning current inventory, historical usage, build rates: current and future, and utilising additional parameters that include min/max quantities and transit times. These update the module which, in turn, suggests (by part number) monthly forecast quantities for the next 12 months.

    This table can be edited and revised to reflect exceptions, and sorted to highlight any potential over- or under-stocking issues. This can eliminate hours of analysis using Excel spreadsheets, and instantly reflects the impact of increased or decreased build rates, providing real-time decisions based on ‘what if’ scenarios.

    Once the forecast is determined, it can be interfaced to any external system such as MRP,  for scheduling of manufacturing orders or for presentation to supply chain partners.

  • Global Visibility

    WAERlinx is a unique inventory management solution that gives you total real-time visibility of your supply chain, worldwide. It gives you the ability to instantly drill down by location or part number throughout your global operation.

    WAERlinx fits in around your organisation, not the other way round, with your trading partners benefiting from being seamlessly integrated into your supply chain.

    Total visibility means everything can be located, counted and rolled up to give you a comprehensive overview of your operation. You get accurate, detailed, real-time reports that can be exported to spreadsheets for data analysis and manipulation. User access levels are all defined and easily controlled by you, thus giving you the highest degree of data security.

  • Point-of-Use Capture

    It is well understood (not least by us!) that live point-of-use information is essential for lean and efficient replenishment operations. Using fully integrated barcode scanning, WAERlinx provides a quick, straightforward method of capturing point-of-use data. Once captured, the data can be made visible to users anywhere in the supply chain. Obviously, having up-to-date visibility of such information is vital in helping manufacturers and distributors to further optimise their processes for production and inventory planning.

  • Prioritisation (AOG) Management   

    Urgent demands can be added to WAERlinx with their specific type; AOG (Aircraft on Ground), Critical, Routine. They are quickly prioritised within the warehouse and pickers receive an expediting instruction via their handhelds. They are then picked, fast-tracked and shipped within the agreed service levels and the customer can be emailed to confirm shipment.

  • VMI

    The management of inventory across your supply chain can be highly costly, and often unnecessarily complex. WAERlinx manages vendors’ inventories with ease, whether they’re located on the premises or at remote stocking locations. The system can accept user-defined rules for point of ownership transfer, with the built-in flexibility to vary these from vendor to vendor.

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  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul  (MRO)

    Utilising the MRO functionality within WAERlinx provides our customers with the unique opportunity to manage and track inventory that has reached its end-of-service date or expiry date, whether it’s in the same or separate locations within the warehouse.

    Inventory that is destined for servicing or maintenance has a separate status type; this ensures that it is not picked for orders that require good stock. MRO inventory can be subsequently serviced by the warehouse or sent to a repair centre, and once the inventory has been serviced, its status is updated and it is once again available as good stock.

  • Reverse Logistics/Returns Processing

    The processing of reusable containers, as well as general material returns and the management of disposals, are essential elements of effective supply chain operations. Waer’s application comes with comprehensive functionality to support all of these activities. In the case of reusable items, rules for calibration, cleaning, maintenance and/or inspection may be enforced according to the number of times that a container (or item) has completed a cyclical loop.

  • Supplier Collaboration

    WAERlinx addresses the problem of supplier collaboration by enabling customers, suppliers and logistics service providers to share operational information in the Cloud, in real time.

    Anything from forward deliveries, purchase order and sales order information, inventory status, and demands may all be shared. It also includes an extremely useful event-based alert feature that can be used, for example, to automatically notify a supplier by email when a minimum stock level on a customer's premises has been breached.

  • Supplier Performance (OTIF)

    Using a variety of graphical and tabular presentation styles along with configurable measurement criteria, performance measurement using WAERlinx becomes a straightforward activity, doing away with tedious, manual data collection or spreadsheet dependency. Our broad experience in delivering performance measurement solutions means that what we do for you in this regard will be absolutely relevant and meaningful, and fully meet the needs for performance reporting in your business.

  • User-Defined Reporting

    A major benefit of using WAERlinx is its flexibility and adaptability to resolve customer-specific issues and requirements. Every implementation is different and each customer’s management information requirements are unique.

    WAERlinx has a large set of core reports which are suitable for the vast majority of our customers’ information needs, however, in addition to this,and fundamental to our service to you, we also provide our users with the capability to define their own reports.

    The WAERlinx Data Warehouse provides a platform from which you can build your own reports and enquiries using your preferred Business Intelligence Tools. This platform provides a view into the WAERlinx system to provide fast, efficient, secure and safe access to the data.

    Additionally, we offer further services to extend this data source, combine it with data sources from other systems, and assist in creating reports, enquiries and KPIs.

  • Other Supply Chain Features

    •  Comprehensive Reporting Suite 

    •  KPI Reporting

    •  Remote Warehousing 

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