At the heart of WAERlinx lies a Cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) that can boast years of development and improvement.

    Its extensive, straightforward functionality has evolved from the exacting demands of quality and integrity of the aerospace and defence industries. Features can be readily enabled or disabled as required, ensuring that the user’s experience is strictly relevant to the task in hand…

  • RFID

    Every year, the capabilities of RFID grow as the technology improves and the costs of implementation reduce.

    Many inventory management companies are still talking about the theoretical implementation of RFID but too few can back this up with real-world examples…

  • Mobile Computing

    With globalisation and advances in technology, modern supply chains are stretched across many locations, sometimes on a global scale.

    Our customers demand that their remote users have the same access to functionality regardless of whether they are in a modern warehousing facility, a small workshop or a remote depot…

  • Kanban

    Kanban, is a proven replenishment trigger that comes in many guises – paper, barcodes, RFID, mobile scanners, 2-bin racks, emails, or even visual indicators, all captured at the point of use.

    Whatever triggers the demand, WAERlinx Kanban ensures that smooth consumption patterns allow for automated just-in-time replenishment, and in all cases dramatically simplifies repetitive MRP-driven purchasing methods…

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

    The management of inventory across your supply chain can be highly costly, and often unnecessarily complex.

    WAERlinx manages vendors’ inventories with ease, whether they’re located on the premises or at remote stocking locations. The system can accept user-defined rules for point of ownership transfer, with the built in flexibility to vary these from vendor to vendor…

  • Kitting

    Kits are simply a combination of products or components that are grouped and packaged together in pre-defined quantities and sizes, and supplied in a single unit.

    They have a multitude of applications including manufacturing, aerospace and defence, electronics, spares, and repairs…

  • Asset Management

    WAERlinx Asset Management enables efficient planning, deployment, and monitoring of assets and resources throughout your business.

    Moreover, it provides a set of tools to ensure that the resources available to you will meet current and future business requirements at the lowest cost…

  • Disposals

    Many still consider asset disposal as simply getting rid of scrap, but with increasing legislation and a need to realise capital, it‘s more about efficiently and profitably recycling assets that are no longer required.

    As legislation is introduced for responsible disposal, profiting from what is, effectively, organisational waste could make a real difference during these difficult economic times…

Without requiring our customers to change their existing systems, Waer enhances and improves by seamlessly integrating our business solutions to existing infrastructure.  

Our experienced software development team is adept at applying our three core products to solve the business challenges others cannot and we are proud of the tried and tested solutions that we have developed.  These go further and deeper to provide our customers with the technology they need to optimise the performance of their business.

For working examples of our solutions including WMS, VMI, RFID and system interfacing, click here.


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