Waer business solutions solve the problems that occur in all industry sectors.  We work in a broad range of multinational businesses but due to the intricate and confidential nature of our delivered solutions, they cannot all be named here. Here are just a few of the market sectors that we serve:

  • Manufacturing

    Improve agility and cut costs in manufacturing with enhanced visibility and control. It is well understood that global opportunities and challenges for manufacturers have rarely been greater than they are today. 

    There is huge potential for growth – in developing markets especially –  however , increasing costs – of inventory in particular – make it ever more difficult to protect gross margins.

  • Aerospace & Defence

    The world of aerospace and defence is complex, demanding and precise. It’s a world of high-volume products, multiple suppliers across the globe and critical interdependencies.

    This sector is also where Waer was founded and consequently, we have a huge amount of experience specific to the A&D supply chain…

  • Food & Beverage

    The food and beverage (F&B) sector is extremely complex, with critical requirements for traceability and provenance. The recent scandals in the UK around meat and fish, and the subsequent effect that these have had on shopping habits are clear evidence that the F&B industry has to treat traceability in the food chain as a top priority.

    And these events have led to calls for more rigorous legislation for the sector, giving even more weight to the importance of full supply chain visibility and management for all F&B businesses…

  • Distribution & Logistics

    Waer Solutions deliver competitive edge to early adopters in the Logistics and Distribution Sectors

    The logistics and distribution sectors are fast paced, ever changing and dynamic.  The right components have to be in the right place, at the right time, in the right condition and with the correct documentation…

  • Healthcare

    With the challenge ahead for the NHS to deliver £20 billion in savings by the end of the financial year 2014/2015, and £1.2 billion to come from improving procurement, procurement needs to be considered as a strategic priority.

    Against this context, several NHS Trusts have been in touch with Waer recently to discuss how WAERlinx software could help to achieve major savings in their hospitals…

  • Retail

    WAERlinx delivers proven functions that meet the evolving needs of retail supply chains. 

    Our web-based architecture and SaaS model provide a highly scalable and cost-effective solution that supports growth and customer retention in an increasingly volatile retail landscape.

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