Every year, the capabilities of RFID grow as the technology improves and the costs of implementation reduce. Many inventory management companies are still talking about the theoretical implementation of RFID but too few can back this up with real-world examples.

Waer, on the other hand, has been delivering the benefits of RFID to some of the largest global organisations for quite some time, extending the core WAERlinx product with a suite of services to allow them to track assets and inventory in complex supply chains.

See our blog for a recent case study on Delivering RFID in the Cloud, 5 reasons why now is the time to adopt RFID and 7 key considerations for RFID implementations.

Asset tracking

Waer RFID operates seamlessly with our core WAERlinx product to provide new options for monitoring the location of more or less anything, from a container to a cow. With an open interface adaptable to most RFID hardware controllers it’s compatible with LF, HF and UHF tags (depending on which is most appropriate to the application environment). Both static and fixed readers, and hand-held RFID scanners are supported, and our hand-held version is successfully being used to capture scans and transmit them over GPRS in remote locations without internet access.

Movement capture

Seamlessly integrated with core WAERlinx, RFID allows you to leverage the operational and reporting capabilities of automatically captured asset movements throughout the supply chain. Alternatively, when used with WAERflow (our system integration solution), these movements can be interfaced into your other systems to extend their capabilities.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

Knowing when assets used in multiple production cycles are due for maintenance can be a problem. WAERlinx RFID records the number of component lifecycles an asset has been through since it was last maintained, then, when it’s due for maintenance, issues alerts to users to divert it to a maintenance location.

Inventory control

Stock counting and perpetual inventory are essential but represent a significant overhead. WAERlinx RFID includes stock counting functionality, allowing you to capture all the tag identities in a given area, compare them with the inventory position on the host system, and highlight any discrepancies.

Implement Waer’s RFID solution, and develop a true partnership culture with the whole of your supply chain. WAERlinx, the simple solution to your outsourcing ambitions!

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Supply chain possibilities

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