WAERlinx delivers proven functions that meet the evolving needs of retail supply chains.  Our web-based architecture and SaaS model provide a highly scalable and cost-effective solution that supports growth and customer retention in an increasingly volatile retail landscape.

Branded in line with your corporate identity, and seamlessly integrated with your existing IT infrastructure, WAERlinx will support your operation in the following key areas:

Retail Warehouse, Supply Chain and Store Operations

WAERlinx allows you to maintain complete visibility and control over customer demands, warehouse operations, inventory and inbound supply. Some of the key examples are:

•   Full traceability, shelf-life control and provenance tracking of products such as processed foods with complete visibility and control for effective management of product returns and recalls.

•   Simple, straightforward scanning functions for recording inbound, storage and outbound movements of pallets and containers.

•   Enforcement of storage and loading rules for temperature-controlled products and other specialised handling requirements.

•   Proven features for managing consigned material.

•   Access via a wide choice of devices including mobile tablets and PDAs, providing the flexibility to use it from virtually anywhere in your operation.

•   Warehouse operator profiling and work task management, providing control of tasks to specific employees and monitoring performance. This feature can help identify the best warehouse operators, improve warehouse productivity and generally streamline your operations.

•   RFID-based tracking of valuable reusable containers, helping to improve efficiency.

•   Replenishment management in a multi-site scenario.

•   Detailed, real-time visibility of exactly which products are stored where.

•   Automated event-based alerts for effective exception management; demand shortages, for example.

Supplier Collaboration

WAERlinx’ flexible, web-based user interface and its robust set of tools allows you to set up an unlimited number of completely configurable user profiles, allowing better collaboration across your supply chain, with suppliers able to easily access the elements you want them to see.

It can record consumption of consigned material and POS data, automatically generating invoice signals, reducing human input and potential for error, and improving efficiency.

The application is designed to provide full visibility of material in transit, using advance shipping notices that can be generated by suppliers using simple, straightforward functions.

Forward-delivery promising and labelling of products, pallets and other containers prior to shipment are also fully supported.

Forward visibility of your demand forecast and seamless integration with supplier back-end systems can be provided using our WAERflow product (see below.)

Seamless Integration with Retail Applications

Using our WAERflow integration tool, disparate systems can be seamlessly integrated to get the most out of your information assets.  Legacy applications that may be too deeply embedded to replace, can become part of a more homogenous IT infrastructure, improving control and lowering the cost of maintenance. Applications that support the following are ideally suited for WAERflow integration:

• Point of Sale

• Ordering

• Financial Control

• Customer Relationship Management

• Marketing and Campaign Management

Business Intelligence for Retail Supply Chains

Our super-flexible WAERconsole application gathers information from disparate systems across your supply network and presents it in a graphical format that is highly personalised and exactly in line with your analytical needs.

This cutting-edge business intelligence (BI) tool can be put to an enormous variety of uses, including:

•   Graphical performance charts that are presentation-ready, eliminating spreadsheet dependency and the repetitive effort that is involved in preparing them.

•   Marketing campaigns that are based on real, accurate customer metrics, thereby helping to improve customer loyalty and generate bigger profits.

•   Seasonal trend analysis based on any variety of criteria including product type, region, brand, campaign ID, customer and store.

•   Warehouse and supply chain operational performance measurement.


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