WAERlinx for NetSuite – the fully integrated, affordable Warehouse Management Solution.

WAERlinx is a Cloud-based WMS with a fantastic pedigree; its roots in the aviation industry, WAERlinx manages some of the most complicated supply chains around the world.

Against that background, WAER Systems has now partnered with NetSuite and developed the WAERlinx for NetSuite WMS; perfect for SMEs that already have NetSuite as their ERP and are looking for a robust, fully integrated, proven warehouse management solution that costs less than you may think.

NetSuite delivers a single solution for ERP, CRM, and e-commerce and with an integrated WAERlinx solution, you can additionally manage your warehouse operations in one place, in real time, right down to the point of use.

Using sophisticated RFID and barcode technology, the robust, agile WAERlinx WMS enables supply chains within any industry to function more simply, efficiently and productively.

Key Features of WAERlinx for NetSuite:

•   Cloud-based app with no special software requirements

•   Fully and securely integrated with NetSuite

•   Data only has to be entered once

•   Clear visibility of which company in the supply chain owns a product or batch at any given time, and simple rules to define the exact point of ownership transfer

•   Stock is fully traceable thanks to unique IDs capturing batch, lot and serial number

•   Actual consumption history enables reliable forecasting – no more estimating and guesswork

•   Dashboard control from any Internet-enabled device

•   Unrivalled flexibility; usable on any browser-compatible device including tablets, smartphones and scanners

•   Integrates fully and seamlessly with existing working practices; time spent training staff is minimal thanks to the elegant user interface

•   Fully customisable printed labels and documentation help to further improve efficiency, reduce overall time spent and eliminate duplication of work

•   Kitting function allows management of a group of components supplied together, with each individual component, as well as the kit itself, all having their own unique identifying part number

•   Alias function allows supply chain partners to identify the same physical product using several part-numbering systems – eliminating the pain of changing their internal part numbering in order to align themselves with the rest of the supply chain

•   Software updates are included as part of the service, with no action required by the customer, allowing you to get on with your day-to-day operations

•   Flexible user-profile set up gives operators access only to relevant features and data

•   UK-based support, 24x7

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