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  • Asset Management

    Asset management is crucial for businesses that wish to keep costs down whilst running an efficient service. Waer’s Cloud-based solution, WAERLinx, provides companies with the resources to systematically process operations, maintenance and the upgrading of assets, cost-effectively…


  • Driving Continuous Supply Chain Improvement and Savings

    In the 40 or so years since the Toyota Production System first introduced the principle of sustainable elimination of waste in business, supply chains have never been under greater strain to remain cost effective. The current lean period, exacerbated by the sheer speed and severity of recent economic decline, calls for a renewed focus on lean thinking…


  • Estimating the Financial Benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory

    Vendor-managed inventory provides a streamlined approach to inventory management and order fulfilment based on collaboration between suppliers and their customers (e.g. distributor, OEM, or product end-user) linking the supplier directly to actual customer demand…


  • Integrated Outsourcing for C-Class Parts

    In the last decade, manufacturers have concentrated on lowering the purchase price of the items in their supply chains. To a large degree, they have succeeded. However, the pressure to lower costs has not abated and additional unnecessary costs must be eliminated!


  • Win-Win VMI Partnerships for Aerospace Companies

    Aerospace and defence companies know it is imperative that they become more responsive to customer demand across their entire range of products – but cannot afford to stock tremendous amounts of inventory to ensure service levels…


  • Successful Supply Chains: Part I

    The Supply Chain is the process through which a company creates and distributes its products and services to the end user. It includes a number of specific elements; production planning, material sourcing, transportation management, warehouse management and demand management. These functions are tightly integrated to provide the products and services to the end user in an efficient, timely and profitable manner.…


  • Successful Supply Chains: Part II

    Supply Chain Alignment Assessment: A Road Map is the second in a three-part series created by Waer Systems. The series is designed to help OEMs and Tier I/II manufacturers – especially those involved in the supply and procurement of high volume low-cost parts – better appreciate the value of a world-class supply chain.…


  • Successful Supply Chains: Part III

    This White Paper documents the information and material flows of a worldclass materials replenishment process in an aircraft manufacturing environment. It has for its focus, high volume or class-c material. A companion piece – a process map – is included at the start of this document. It will be helpful to the reader to refer to this process map and interpret it as the white paper progresses. The numbered items below refer to their corresponding points in the diagram..…


  • Six Ways to Achieve Sustainable Supply Chain Cost Reductions

    We have all been through the experience of trying to hold on to hard won cost reductions in our supply chain operations in the face of unexpected changes in requirements. And some of us have been through the drill numerous times in our professional lives, in spite of valiant efforts to not ‘relive history’...


  • The ROI from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

    Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, is a term frequently used but what does it mean for businesses and what are the financial implications resulting from utilising this software? This white paper aims to highlight the financial benefits of both short and long-term usage of SaaS and how it can benefit your business...


  • RFID in Manufacturing & Warehousing

    What is RFID? RFID is not new; it has been an integral part of modern life, especially in industrial settings, for some time. For example, RFID transmitters are built into access control badges, theft protection tags in retail stores and totes in manufacturing sites....


  • Generating Major Savings in Healthcare

    With the challenge ahead for the NHS to deliver £20 billion in savings by the end of the financial year 2014/2015, and £1.2 billion to come from improving procurement, procurement needs to be considered as a strategic priority....


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