Kanban is a proven replenishment trigger that comes in many guises – paper, barcodes, RFID, mobile scanners, 2-bin racks, emails, or even visual indicators, all captured at the point of use.

Whatever triggers the demand, WAERlinx Kanban ensures that smooth consumption patterns allow for automated just-in-time replenishment, and in all cases dramatically simplifies repetitive MRP-driven purchasing methods.

Points of replenishment may be defined at any level of detail, and may be used for purposes such as dynamic pick-face replenishment from bulk storage within a warehouse, or for managing the distribution of material between multiple warehouse locations. Our analytical tools use historical data to optimise replenishment quantities and stocking periods, and work particularly well with consumable items which have variable usage profiles. WAERlinx allows businesses to flex their stocking policies over fixed periods of time by means of effective-dated min/max records.

Replenishment traditionally involves forecasting, planning, ordering, chasing, and a touch of guesswork. The WAERlinx Cloud solution takes data, uses it intelligently and executes transactions, while constantly providing global, real-time visibility and reporting.

WAERlinx Kanban is the ultimate demand-driven (‘pull’) business solution.

Implement Waer’s Kanban solution, and develop a true partnership culture with the whole of your supply chain. WAERlinx, the simple solution to your outsourcing ambitions!

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