Waer Solutions deliver competitive edge to early adopters in the Logistics and Distribution Sectors.

The logistics and distribution sectors are fast paced, ever changing and dynamic. The right components have to be in the right place, at the right time, in the right condition and with the correct documentation.  The supply chains of companies in this space are often complex and challenging.  One of the key components to success in this environment is having the right IT solutions in place.  Technology can deliver very significant benefits in logistics, if you have the right partner.

Multinational logistics companies, such as DB Schenker and Daher, rely on Waer’s expertise to provide them with business solutions that deliver a distinct competitive advantage. For example, the capability of WAERlinx to deploy rapidly at a new warehouse location is crucial and gives our customers the edge, with perfectly streamlined, effective, efficient operations.  The capability to offer their own customers a portal to clearly see what their logistics provider is doing is also a very attractive proposition.

And for distributors, the advantages are similar. WAERlinx’ powerful functionality allows them to provide significant benefits to major customers such as outsourcing warehouse management, rapidly deploying a single solution across multiple customer supply chains, and delivering a real-time decision making capability to all supply chain stakeholders.

In addition, all our logistics and distribution customers use the WAERflow system to allow full, fast, seamless integration between their main ERP solutions, the local WMS tools we provide and their customer system infrastructure.

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