Waer Systems specialises in the design and implementation of flexible software solutions for organisations with complex supply chain and reporting needs. The company was established in 2000, initially to meet the need for improved supply chain execution and warehouse management within the global aerospace industry. Today, our innovative, elegant solutions deliver increased process efficiency, optimised parts/asset management and real-time information flow to market leaders in a range of sectors.


WAERflow is a customised integration tool that enables your existing ERP systems and infrastructure to be extended and enhanced by bespoke elements of WAERlinx. By integrating all your technologies and data, WAERflow can fill those frustrating gaps and weaknesses that hold back the performance of your business.


The core to our offering is WAERlinx, a powerful transaction execution engine that underpins all of our applications. WAERlinx has flexible customisation and configuration layers which not only address specific supply-chain challenges, but which can mitigate disruption and change to your organisation by seamlessly aligning with your current business processes.


We have further developed our transactional reporting functionality to create WAERconsole, a fully customisable management reporting tool which tracks performance against your KPIs and delivers real-time data in a presentation-ready dashboard format, straight to your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Waer products and solutions are designed for delivery over the web. They can be provided via the Cloud or from within your own infrastructure and our agility ensures that projects are implemented within sensible timeframes at reasonable cost – in fact, our tailored systems are more cost-effective than many of the better known off-the-shelf packages.

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