Asset Management

WAERlinx Asset Management allows businesses to manage and optimise the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilisation, and disposal of inventory throughout all stages of its lifecycle.

Many of the features of Asset Management are shared with traditional supply chain management, but it goes far beyond that, to include:

•  Resource reservation

•  Identifying current and future shortages

•  Resource utilisation analysis

•  Identifying surpluses

•  Managing obsolescence

•  Defining services based on available resources

These tools are ideal for organisations where current and future asset requirements are not fully understood, which can lead either to shortages or unnecessary procurement of assets (where existing resources are able to meet the demand). They are also particularly suited to situations where assets are combined to form services offered to the wider business, for example, IT Service Management (ITSM) implementing ITIL standards.

Understanding future demand

Once you have full visibility of your assets and how they relate to the services you provide, you need to record and track their availability. WAERlinx Asset Management allows demands to be raised either at the asset level or the service level for future requirements. Users can see what services and assets are available for the demand period and then allocate instances of the asset or the service to the demand.

Mitigating shortages

Having recorded and allocated future demands for assets and services, users can easily see where any future shortages exist and take action to build or acquire further resources to meet the predicted shortage before it becomes critical. WAERlinx Asset Management gives users traffic-light reports and automated alerts to highlight shortages and potential allocation conflicts.

Understanding historical usage patterns

Once you start recording future demand, you begin to establish a pattern of historical usage for your assets. This is a vital tool in identifying areas not only of shortages but also of over-capacity where you are carrying excess assets that are not being used. WAERlinx Asset Management provides reports and enquiries designed to identify surplus assets.

Controlling obsolescence

With future demand visibility and an understanding of past usage patterns, Management Teams have the necessary tools to identify obsolete assets. WAERlinx Asset Management allows users to identify these assets and decommission them through a decommissioning process that allows them to be marked as such and then removed from the system.

Implement Waer’s Asset Management solution, and develop a true partnership culture with the whole of your supply chain. WAERlinx, the simple solution to your outsourcing ambitions!

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