Many still consider the disposal of inventory as simply getting rid of scrap, but with increasing legislation and a need to realise capital, it‘s more about efficiently and profitably recycling assets that are no longer required. As legislation is introduced for responsible disposal, profiting from what is, effectively, organisational waste could make a real difference during these difficult economic times.

Disposing of inventory can be a fairly complex process; there are a number of parties involved and the inventory is not usually in the owner’s possession. Tracking the location of inventory is, therefore, key but accurately identifying its exact location at any one time can be a challenge. Additionally, the sale status of inventory is often unknown or delayed, making the process slow and cumbersome.

WAERlinx offers an effective solution for inventory disposal by providing an end-to-end supply chain system using RFID technology that allows the right people to have complete real-time visibility of the inventory, wherever those people are in the world and wherever their inventory is, in the process. And to help things go even more smoothly, it also provides an automated change of ownership at the point of sale that can form the invoice.

Implement Waer’s Disposal solution, and develop a true partnership culture with the whole of your supply chain. WAERlinx, the simple solution to your outsourcing ambitions!

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