Frequently Asked Questions

What is WAERlinx?

WAERlinx is an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Oracle NetSuite. Its extensive, straightforward functionality has been honed over many years and has the control, visibility and reporting you would expect from an advanced WMS.

Is WAERlinx the right fit for my business?

Does this sound like your business…

  • Reliance on old WMS or spreadsheets to control inventory?
  • Lack of visibility of inventory position?
  • Need for more advanced WMS capability than basic providers can offer?

WAERlinx fits any business that is run with  Oracle NetSuite and has a relatively complex warehouse management need, with customers who have turnover ranges from £3M-5000M. 

What makes WAERlinx different?


  1. Rapid ROI – low installation costs and scalable licence fees


  2. Any warehouse structure can be modelled – from a simple storage entity, to multi-warehouse operation


  3. Flexibility is integral – our team is adept at solving the business challenges others have failed to solve
  4. Speed – setting up a new remote warehouse or forward stocking location is simple – all you need is a scanner, printer and an internet connection


  5. Configurable dashboards – a real-time view with KPI charts & reports on all facets of the solution


  6. Mobile scanning functions – maximise operator efficiency with Android devices for scan-based transactions


  7. Aligned teams – sales and operations teams share a ‘one truth’ real-time view of all orders and deliveries


  8. A competent support and development team – face-to-face contact and a collaborative partnership


  9. Tailored – features can be readily enabled or disabled as required, and use the language of your business. 

What can WAERlinx do?


  • Receiving and putaway 
  • Barcoding – all barcode and RFID tag formats accepted
  • Supermarket style check-in – item by item scanning at goods in
  • Advanced shipping notices – providing visibility of inbound deliveries and simplifying receiving procedures
  • Quality and inspection features allow quality performance measurement 
  • Cross-docking – facilitating rapid and automated movement directly from receiving to shipping 
  • Bulk putaway – full pallets to deep storage without the need to break them down, 
  • Task driven putaway – Rapid process for putaway with the system directing teams to the most efficient tasks 
  • Automated putaway – streamlines processes and maintains an accurate sequence of material storage 
  • Walk sequences optimise travel routes around the warehouse ensuring maximum efficiency,
  • Operator control functions – features on handheld devices utilise operator knowledge where appropriate. Operators feel more in control and work with greater efficiency and throughput 
  • Supervisor management – supervisors have real-time visibility of activity and ability to prioritise.
  • WAERlinx also has a raft of advanced features that differentiate it as an advanced WMS:

Light manufacturing functionality
Lot and Batch Tracking
Advanced Kitting
Proof of Delivery



How Does WAERlinx Integrate to NetSuite?

NetSuite is already automating processes, improving visibility, and saving resources. So, with its complete NetSuite integration, WAERlinx is the obvious choice for extending that efficiency into the warehouse and wider supply chain.   The (often difficult) integration work is done.

This includes more than 30 REST based Suitetalk interfaces into NetSuite:

Inbound: purchase orders, return authorisations, and receipts

Outbound: sales orders, inter-company transfers, order updates, picked inventory, shipped orders, supplier returns, and proof of delivery

Master data: part records, customers, ship-to destinations, suppliers, and kit BOMs

Warehouse adjustments: to keep track of changes that affect your total inventory quantity complete visibility of inventory

What is it like to work with us?

We are a long term partner and our primary core value that we use as a basis to run the company is –  we are a customer focused organisation:

  • For go-live, we are on site with you for as long as it takes for you to feel happy about flying solo
  • Then for the next 2 weeks, we have a daily catch up call with you to ensure that everything is working as envisaged
  • This then reverts to a weekly L1 meeting where we meet with you to keep a track of all aspects of the partnership; communication, development projects, support cases and any other issues

We are a partner that our customers trust and value for the long term. Put simply; we are nice. 

What hardware does WAERlinx require?

WAERlinx is hardware agnostic and any device can be used to connect to waerlinx as long as it has an internet browser.  All we require is a Wi-Fi network in the warehouse, barcode printers, a smartphone and scanners.

We do, however, have recommendations on what hardware can be used to get the most out of WAERlinx and that is any Android device.  We can work across any platform though. 

How much does WAERlinx cost?

That is a difficult question to answer as our software is designed to fit a range of businesses, of all different sizes and backgrounds, catering to a spectrum of requirements. Typically though, our projects to implement range from £20K upwards and licence fees start at £950 a month for up to ten users and scale in bands from there. 

To make operational savings, your WMS of choice should be viewed as an opportunity to generate savings rather than increase costs. At WAER, we offer an advanced solution that streamlines processes and makes those savings.