Prezola is a flexible, modern online wedding gift list service. With planned growth to the warehouse, and the company’s in-house ERP and Warehouse Management System (WMS) no longer fulfilling their needs, Prezola was looking for the perfect WMS to work with their unique business model. Enter NetSuite and WAERlinx.

Prezola is head and shoulders above other wedding gift lists, providing couples with a huge amount of flexibility and choice. Not limited to the usual kitchenware and towel collections, the couple create a wedding list, selecting from hundreds of products, and give their guests a log-in to the site.

Guests can then browse the list and select the gifts they’d like to give. The couple can review and reconfigure the list as they go along, and choose when to finalise it, triggering the final purchasing of the items from Prezola to its suppliers.

Key to the selection of a WMS, apart from being able to fully integrate with NetSuite, was its ability to deliver on the following:

• Expansion of the warehouse to increase capacity, ideally on the same site but potentially requiring a move
• The items on a list are typically received into the warehouse over a period of two to three months, with between one and three deliveries to the customer
• All orders are shipped by courier but a handful are drop-shipped from 3rd Party suppliers
• There are approx. 25,000 current SKUs but product lines change relatively frequently
• Approx. 50 orders/day of 15-20 lines with a 50% uplift in order quantities planned in 2019
• On peak days, up to 50 P.O.s of 20-25 lines with almost no inventory ordered for stock
• Delivered items kept in the warehouse until the list is ready to be fulfilled (up to 3 months)
• Around 40% of order lines are purchased with gift wrapping, personalised gift cards are available for each purchase, and Champagne can be selected as an extra gift when placing an order
• Additional benefits for platinum-grade customers include a curated list with consultation, a different delivery method (a man with a van), bespoke Items, and high value items held in a lockable location.

Craig Avent, Prezola’s Operations Director, said:

“WAERlinx is only focused at the moment on NetSuite implementations so there is no dilution of the knowledge pool in attempting to integrate with different systems. We had strong recommendations from your customer Cox & Cox to use the system and were able to see it in action there on site.

The user interface is clean and intuitive with a nice dashboard and most important, we were impressed with the speed of response and customer focus of your Sales team, particularly David Snelson who convinced us that the sort of customer focus that Waer would give our project was similar to the customer focus that we look to give to all of our customers.”

Waer is delighted to be working with Prezola and the project is set to go live in six weeks.