When WAER’s Operations Director visited one of our customers, they noted their warehouse is on two floors. As this particular customer largely manufactures their product, when they’re finished, they put them upstairs to pick.

Generally, the process consists of transporting the product in a lift, which is then put onto a pallet. This means they are not sorted by order and labels can’t be generated for the pallet.

As well as manufacturing they also sell accessories, which are located on the bottom floor. To add to the confusion, there was no way to combine the two things together and could have forced them to change the way they work.

WAERlinx improved the already existing process formerly implemented at this warehouse.

The Warehouse Manager would book courier orders in advance with documentation, at the end of every day, people would look each product and put order labels on them. Instead, the order now come down a conveyor belt, where they are then labelled, reorganising an inefficient process.